A Walking Holiday Was Our Best One Yet

I decided to leave it up to my family on where we would go for our holiday last year. I am the one who always chooses and while they all have fun, I have heard from everyone at least once that they would have picked something different. I told them to figure it out on their own and just let me know the dates, and that is when my two older sons got excited about looking into guided walking holidays in Spain. One of their friends had been on one of these, and the pictures really spoke to my sons.

I had looked at the pictures too on his social media account, and I thought it would be a really fun holiday. I had no idea that my kids felt the same way though which is why I never brought it up to them. I found the irony quite hilarious that everyone’s dream holiday is one that they did not feel everyone would embrace. I looked over the information on the site where we were able to make all the arrangements, and I knew that we would all have a great time there.

I love to hike, but these were some long hikes that I didn’t feel anyone else would want to do. My sons pointed out that they are active throughout most days, and they could keep up. Their friend had also explained that even the moderate hikes are easy, so they would be able to take breaks if need be. We booked the walking holiday, and we had such a blast. We learned about the history and culture of the area we were in, and our accomodations were second to none. I think from now on, we are going to pck our family holidays this way because it was the best holiday we had ever been on!

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