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Safe Toys to Develop a Child’s Fine Motor Skills?

 ... :: Learning & Education :: Toys for Girls :: Kids Best Toys OnlineMy son is currently 3 years and 4 months of age. He seems to be very advanced in many physical attributes, but I think his foot speed and physical strength have outstripped his coordination and fine motor skills. We got him a balance bike about a year and a half ago, he picked it up very quickly and became an unholy terror around the house. It honestly seems as though he can run a five minute mile up and down the hallway, especially if his father is trying to nap and or when he wakes up before we do in the morning. It feels like he is a sack of bricks rather than a child at times, but he actually does not quite weight 45 lbs. We has a real bike with training wheels, but they may come off before too long. Read the rest of this entry »

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What Toy Does Your Child Need?

Children love toys! And adults love toys, too! Toys are very fun to play with, but they can teach you a lot, too! So, what are the best toys for kids when it comes to teaching them? There are so many skills kids can learn through toys and playing. The answer to this is not always easy. One question you need to ask is, what do you want the child to learn? Do you want the child to learn his shapes? Buy shape toys and discuss then with your child. Let him touch them and manipulate them. Do you want to teach your child to count? There are many toys that can help with this. Anything that your child can touch and move will help him count. Maybe you are trying to teach your child his colors. Buy toys in all different colors and play with them, pointing out the colors. Toys also allow a child to role play. While this may not seem like learning, your child is actually learning how to do the things he is pretending to do. Read the rest of this entry »

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