I Needed a New Air Conditioning Unit

When my air conditioner wouldn’t even turn on a couple of months ago, I knew that I needed to research HVAC repair in NYC. Something told me to test my air conditioner out on a really nice day in March, even though I knew I would not need to use it for at least another month. When I did, nothing happened. I checked the plug, but that would have been too easy. I wasn’t sure what to do, so I went online to see what my options were. I was able to find a company that does repairs on AC units, and I made an appointment for them to come out the following week when I was able to work from home.

I knew that the system had to be old because it was here when I bought the house, which was nearly 12 years ago. When the technician came out to look at it, he was not able to get it working either. He told me that even if it did just need a new part, chances are that it would be hard to get because the system was just that old.

He went over some options with me, explaining the newer models that are now out on the market. He gave me some information to look at so I could make my decision, and even went over some financing options with me. He was very thorough with everything, and that helped make my decision an even easier one. I called them back after looking over everything and told them which one I wanted. The installation date was set, and my new unit was put in with no problems. I can feel the difference with this new unit, as it cools much quicker, and it is a lot quieter too. Plus, I have a nice extended warranty with it!

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