Looking Forward to Visiting Israel and Seeing All the History Up Close

There are places in the world that we want to go. We have always wanted to see Alaska and France. The Louvre has always been a goal to see as I am an artist. However, one thing we want to do first is to be able to go on one of the Israel tours. There are so many of them offered by different groups. You can go with church groups or hire guided tours of Israel. Ideally, I would like for my wife and I to have a private or semi-private guided tour that is about a week or so long in Israel. I am not one to appreciate traveling in groups.

I have seen some tours that seem to be made up of a lot of people. I do not want to have to file by or through each interesting site like a child on a field trip from school. I would like to be able to linger at some places and move along more quickly at others. However, the only way I thought we were going to be able to do that would be to be our own guides. I would not recommend that in any place. You just miss out on too much without having a professional guide with you. I mean, it is different if you are visiting a place like the Grand Canyon. You can get a brochure and see the touristy things. You can even ride a donkey to the bottom of the canyon. Not my cup of tea. Anyway, visiting a place like Israel is different. There is just too much history to take in being your own guide.

Also, you do have to keep in mind that there are some ultra-orthodox people in Israel, and there are locations that are closed to outsiders during the Sabbath. It is good to have a guide so as not to get yourself in an awkward situation. Imagine tourists visiting your town in droves. You would appreciate it if the guides kept the distractions to a minimum.

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