Perfect for Rating and Dating

I became one of the official desi boys in usa after using some social media and dating sites here in Canada, which resulted in some very bad things happening to me. As a Muslim from India, I’ve encountered my share of racism and religious bigotry in my new country. It is very difficult for a Muslim in Canada to meet people outside of my social circle. It’s funny because almost all of the bad words came at me through the social media sites. I resolved to quit using them, but then what? I still wanted to meet people like me here in Canada.

A friend suggested I use the Rate Desi site. He said it’s a site where men and women just like us post their images and share videos from back across the ocean. It’s a lot of fun, but I wasn’t sure I wanted to get involved in the whole online dating scene. It can be pretty brutal putting yourself out there even among friends. But putting a picture up where people can vote on your looks? That just seemed like a disaster in the making to me. My friend assured me it was harmless and a lot of fun.

The best thing I like about the site is that it really is comprised mainly of people just like me. There are many people back in Pakistan and India and whatnot posting, but there are also a lot of us in Canada and I’ve seen a few of those people popping up as well. After I uploaded my image, I waited to see what would happen. It was a great relief when I got a lot of compliments, especially from the ladies! I’ve even been able to contact a few of them and I’m actually going to meet one in real life soon! The site is great!

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