Safe Toys to Develop a Child’s Fine Motor Skills?

 ... :: Learning & Education :: Toys for Girls :: Kids Best Toys OnlineMy son is currently 3 years and 4 months of age. He seems to be very advanced in many physical attributes, but I think his foot speed and physical strength have outstripped his coordination and fine motor skills. We got him a balance bike about a year and a half ago, he picked it up very quickly and became an unholy terror around the house. It honestly seems as though he can run a five minute mile up and down the hallway, especially if his father is trying to nap and or when he wakes up before we do in the morning. It feels like he is a sack of bricks rather than a child at times, but he actually does not quite weight 45 lbs. We has a real bike with training wheels, but they may come off before too long. He does not really need them on his balance bike and goes down the driveway in a blur without putting a foot on the ground until he needs to stop.

So he is very strong and very fleet of foot, but also he can be quite clumsy just like many children are. He loves to scribble with ink pens and magic markers, but we have had no success trying to teach him to use writing instruments properly. Actually he does somewhat better with the sidewalk chalk that his Aunt Mel bought him. We are really interested in finding the best ways to help him develop his coordination and his fine motor skills in a safe way. So far we just have not found anything which has been very successful. We got some non toxic modeling clay and thought that would be a great idea, but the child ate some of it and then lost interest in the stuff.

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