Watching TV Shows on My Laptop

One of the reasons why I decided to drop my cable package was because I was not watching a lot of programming. When I found out that the programming I did watch was also available online at no additional charge, I called the same day to have my cable shot off. What I was not expecting was for my Internet connection to be too slow to be able to watch a lot of the streaming videos that I wanted to see on a regular basis. I was going to get my cable back, but then I heard about Frontier Communications from a friend who has been a customer of theirs for several years.

I was complaining to her about having to take a day off work so my cable could be reconnected, and that is how we got onto the conversation. She told me that she does not have cable either for the same reason, but she had no problem streaming her shows with Frontier. When I told her who my Internet service provider was, she understood and told me to not get my cable back. Instead, she showed me a website where I was able to get a lot of information about Frontier, and I was really happy with what I saw.

I saw that I just did not have enough bandwidth with the company I was using, but that would not be a problem with Frontier. They have several different packages with different amounts of bandwidth on each one, and the prices are actually very comparable to what I was paying, even though the service is going to be superior to what I had. I made the switch, and I am saving a good bit of money because of it. I also love the freedom of watching my shows on my laptop no matter where I am!

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